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Used Cars for Sale

A lot of people get excited about the idea of buying a brand-new car, and we understand that - there is a certain amount of fascination in this nation when it comes to the idea of a new car. But for many others, a used car is a much better option that not only makes more practical and financial sense but also gives you more options. When you start looking at used cars for sale, however, you might get overwhelmed by all of your options and wonder who you should turn to for help finding the right car.

It can be tempting to go with a private seller getting rid of an old vehicle, but doing so can be very risky for you as a buyer. You are more protected and have a lot more options when choosing a reputable, trustworthy, used car dealership like Car Factory Direct. When you visit us, our team will make sure you get exactly the right vehicle for what you need. A private seller may have the lowest price out there, but the risks you take in going that path can far outweigh the cost of choosing a professional dealership with used cars for sale.

Here at Car Factory Direct, we do one thing and one thing only: we sell used cars. We are not one of those dealerships that focus on new cars and only have a few old ones to offer – we only sell used cars because we believe that a great car-buying experience should be available for everyone. No matter what your budget or credit history looks like, we want to work with you to help you figure out financing and make sure you drive away completely happy. Visit us at Car Factory Direct today and see how much fun it can be to shop for a high-quality used car in a welcoming environment.

A line of used cars for sale is shown focusing on the grilles.

Why Choose a Used Car?

Although we could probably spend all day listing off great reasons to choose a used car, we think there are four primary ones that you should consider. If you are unsure of whether you want to pick a new or used car for sale, then think about this:

  • You will save money upfront. This is probably the most obvious reason to choose a used car instead of a new one, but we think it is worth saying nonetheless. A used car will pretty much always cost significantly less than the same brand-new car. Of course, there are some exceptions (mainly classic and collectible vehicles or ones that have received a lot of modifications), but in general, buying a used car will save you a lot of money upfront.
  • You can avoid depreciation. Most people know that a brand-new car is said to lose a lot of its value the moment it drives off the lot. This refers to the depreciation that occurs on a vehicle. All cars lose value over time, but new cars are hit particularly hard. The most intense depreciation typically occurs within the first three years after a car is sold. By buying a used vehicle, you get to skip a lot of the initial depreciation, which means that when you go to sell the car in a few years, you will typically get far more of your money back than if you had bought a new car.
  • You have more options. When shopping for a new car, you can only buy the current model year, but when shopping for a used car, you have tons of possibilities. You can opt for now-discontinued vehicles, look for rare options that were only available for a few years, and consider brands and models that would be out of your reach if they were new. There are a lot more used cars on the market than there are new cars, and that gives you more options to find the perfect car, truck, or SUV for your needs and driving style.
  • You can even help the environment. This is one that surprises a lot of our customers, but based on all the available data and research, it is true. You see, a tremendous amount of natural resources and power goes into making a vehicle - this is just as true for hybrids and electric cars as it is for traditional ones. When you choose a used car, you are keeping it on the road and in service longer, which helps offset the use of resources that went into building it. So driving a used car can help out the environment by sparing the energy needed to make one more brand-new model.

A salesman is showing a white used car for sale to a man in a dealership.

Used Car Dealer or Private Seller?

Once you have decided on buying a used car, then you have to choose where or who to buy from. You might be tempted to buy from a private seller that is getting rid of his or her old vehicle - but we would strongly caution you against this. For one thing, a private seller does not care if you are happy with your purchase; they just want to be rid of their old car. With a dealership such as Car Factory Direct, we have a reason to want you to be happy: a happy customer is more likely to keep coming back down the road when it is time for your next car.

Also, dealerships have certain laws and regulations we have to follow to help protect our customers. A private seller is under no such obligation, and you truly are in a “buyer beware” situation when buying from someone that posted online about selling a car. Finally, a reputable dealer like Car Factory Direct will have a fully-equipped service center with trained technicians who will inspect every used car before it is sold, ensuring that you will get a quality vehicle you can trust. Choosing to visit Car Factory Direct when shopping for used cars for sale might cost you a little more upfront, but you will get far greater peace of mind in the long run.

Help With Financing

One more reason to choose a dealership over a private seller is the potential for financing options that you will not get with someone down the street trying to get rid of a car. If you are buying a car through a private sale, then you generally need to be able to pay the full price upfront in cash. Many private sellers will not even accept a check, and handing over potentially thousands of dollars in cash for a car that you have no guarantees on is not something that everyone is comfortable with (and for a good reason - it is all too common for used cars bought from individuals to have hidden problems that cost even more to fix).

Here at Car Factory Direct, we do not require that you pay in cash, and we even work with all of our customers to help them get the financing they need so they can drive away happy. We know that even an affordable used car is usually a significant purchase, and not everyone has that sort of money lying around. We make the financing process as simple and straightforward as possible. In fact, you can get started with your credit application right here on our website. No matter what your financial situation and credit history look like, we will do everything we can to make sure that you get the financing you need at payments that you can afford.

Great Brands for Used Cars

A red 2017 Ford Fusion is driving past grass and trees.

At Car Factory Direct, we sell all used cars - we are not a dealership that has an agreement with a certain manufacturer. That means we are free to sell any used cars we want from a wide range of manufacturers, ensuring you have access to all the best brands available. Whether you are looking for a powerful Ford truck, a comfortable Kia SUV, or a reliable Toyota sedan, we will work with you to find exactly what you need. Whether you are a die-hard fan of the American manufacturers or enjoy the qualities of Japanese or European vehicles, we can find you a high-quality used car that suits your taste.

We even carry a number of used luxury vehicles at fair prices so you can enjoy all the sophistication and performance of an Audi, Mercedes, or BMW, without seeing your bank account pillaged by the high price of a new vehicle. If you want a Porsche or even an Alfa Romeo, we are here to help - just check out our amazing inventory. While our affordable used luxury cars tend to sell pretty quickly, we have seen just about everything pass through our doors over the years. By carrying so many brands and representing your interests as an independent dealership, we can ensure we always have the best cars at prices that you can afford.

First Time Buyers Advice

When it comes to buying a used car for the first time, there are many factors to take into consideration before you make the final decision. In order to make the right call on a new car and not get stuck with something that you can’t afford in the long run, stick to these simple guidelines while searching for used cars for sale.

1 - Establish a Budget

Before you can even begin looking at used cars for sale, you need to sit down and take a good look at your finances. Setting a budget from the start will help you narrow down your search and keep you from getting distracted by vehicles that are out of your price range. It will also help you set expectations for what you can get for your hard-earned dollar.

You can begin by adding all your monthly income and subtracting all of your monthly expenses from that amount. To do this properly, be sure to categorize your spending into fixed expenses (rent, bills, groceries, loans, etc.) and discretionary expenses (spending money). As a general rule-of-thumb, keeping your monthly car payments below 10% of your monthly income is ideal. Don’t forget that you will also need to account for gas, vehicle maintenance, repairs, and insurance. If you find that your calculations leave you strapped for cash, consider cutting back on unnecessary spending to make room for your monthly payments.

Once you have an idea of what your monthly budget can handle, use our payment calculator to figure out how much vehicle those monthly payments can afford. Remember that a longer loan means lower monthly payments but a higher overall price. A trade-in or a larger down payment will also help reduce your monthly payments or allow you to afford a better car.

A couple is going over their budget before looking at used cars for sale.

2 - Start Researching

Now that you have a budget in mind, you can begin a much more streamlined search for used cars within your price range. There are a great number of reputable sources that can help you along your researching journey. You can search about vehicles on dealership websites or third-party websites such as Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader, and many others. This will give you an idea about what you can expect to pay and what you can expect to get in your used car. For example, if you are looking at used Honda sedans, you can see what features are available on those particular models within your price range. The best part about buying a pre-owned vehicle is that you can get better features for a lower price than you would with a new model. So, get started searching for your first set of wheels!

3 - Look at Financing Options

Now that you have found the car that you want, you can begin looking at the dealership’s financing options. Here at Car Factory Direct, we offer highly competitive financing rates to make it easier for you to purchase your first vehicle. Our team of finance experts can walk you through the process step-by-step and help you decide on the best course of action to suit your budget. You can also apply for financing through our website without having to go to the dealership. We also offer an online payment calculator so that you can be fully prepared when you stop by to purchase your used car.

4 - Bump Up Your Credit Score

If you are not happy with the financing options that you receive, there are ways to get a better estimate. If your credit score is low, you can work on improving it before you apply for financing. In general, Experian recommends maintaining a credit score of 700 or higher. This will help you secure a much lower monthly payment rate. The good news is that financing a car and making payments on time is one of the best ways to improve your credit score! Many first-time buyers will finance an older used car to build their credit and then upgrade to a nicer car when their credit score allows.

5 - Save Money for a Down Payment

Another way to help out your financing options is to provide a good down payment on the vehicle you want to purchase. A good rule of thumb to go by is 10% of the vehicle’s price for a used car. However, if you can put more down, perhaps 20%, you can cut your monthly payments into more manageable amounts. Saving up for a large down payment will also reduce the amount of money you spend paying down interest on a loan, which means you spend less in the long run as well.

6 - Go for a Test Drive

Once you find the car you like, it’s time to take her out for a spin. You always want to test drive the vehicle before buying it. Sometimes, a car can look great sitting on a dealership lot, but then it can present issues once you get going around the block. You may discover that the seats don’t fit your body perfectly or that the visibility is not what you want. Test drives are necessary to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

A man is shown test driving a car from the interior.

7 - Get an Inspection

While Car Factory Direct conducts a detailed inspection of each used car we sell and provides a free CARFAX vehicle history report, we always recommend that you have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic you trust before finalizing the deal. It is unlikely that you will discover anything we haven’t told you about, but we always want you to be as comfortable as possible with your purchase. If you don’t know a mechanic who can help, ask your friends, neighbors, and family members if they recommend anyone. You can even conduct the inspection yourself if you are mechanically-minded.

Bad Credit Help

As we mentioned briefly before, having good credit is essential to securing a low payment plan. If you need to improve your credit score before you can buy a used car, there are several ways you can do this. While it can take some time to drastically improve your credit score, you can get started today.

  • Pay your monthly bills on time
  • Pay off your debts
  • Keep credit card balances low
  • Add utility and cell phone payments to your credit history
  • Do not close credit card accounts
  • Dispute inaccuracies on your credit report

Today’s Used Car Market Isn’t What It Used to Be

In the past, shopping for used cars may have left you feeling a bit more leery than excited. It wasn’t uncommon to find your local used car lot littered with gimmicky signs and perhaps even an inflatable tube man flailing in the wind. No matter how much fun the dealership may have seemed, the truth is, most dealers were desperate to get old clunkers off the lot. Despite a superficial turtle wax finish, you could end up with a real lemon under the hood.

Your run-of-the-mill “used car salesman” was commission-driven and hungry for a sale. With quotas to meet and minimal accountability, the customer’s needs often came last. Luckily, modern technology has turned the used-car-buying experience on its head. Today’s customers are empowered with a nationwide selection of vehicles to choose from and verified car history reports to ensure you know what you’re getting before stepping foot onto the lot.

At Car Factory Direct, we care about our customers’ happiness because you are the foundation of our business. We have built our reputation on great customer service, and we are committed to providing you with the best used car buying experience around. We invest our time in our customers so they will refer friends and family and visit us again when they’re ready to upgrade to their next used car, truck, or SUV.

Although the used car buying experience has changed, the percentage of used car sales has remained relatively constant. Sales of used cars vastly outnumber new car sales and have done so for many years. Many buyers choose used cars as a sound investment choice or to get a vehicle that better suits their needs. In a world where you can find a vehicle right off a two-year lease with minimal mileage, it makes total sense to browse used cars for sale before opting to go with new.

According to CARFAX data, as soon as you drive a new car off the lot, you lose 10% of the overall value. As time goes on, it only gets worse. After owning the vehicle for a year, you lose 20%, and depreciation keeps increasing year after year. Not only do new cars fail to hold their value, but buying trends also change with time. What’s popular today can easily seem outdated in just a few years.

A classic example of this is “family cars.” Over the decades, technology, aesthetics, and uses for family automobiles have changed. What we would identify as the first true family car has its roots in the station wagon, which was actually developed in the early 20th century. This was the mainstream family automobile prototype for several decades. However, as time wore on, the minivan rose to popularity. More recently, minivans have been supplanted by the SUV. The aptly named sport utility vehicles of today provide all the possible creature comforts along with the safety and versatility that modern families want.

Classic Luxury Cars and SUVs Never Go Out of Style

A white used 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee is parked in front of a modern house.

While many vehicle styles come and go, SUVs have held onto the hearts of Americans for quite some time, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. The consumers have spoken, and SUVs now outsell sedans by a wide margin. More and more manufacturers are entering the SUV game, and that means there are even more used SUV options showing up at used car dealerships like Car Factory Direct.

Luxury car companies may have been a little late to the SUV party in some cases, but as they always seem to, these brands came through in style. When people think of used luxury cars for sale in general, most would consider this to be a less risky purchase. Luxury cars tend to become classics over time, sometimes even going up in value rather than depreciating. Because they’re made with top-quality parts, luxury vehicles are durable and stand the test of time.

Furthermore, luxury vehicles are usually ahead of their time when it comes to high-tech features. While the features on an average new car may quickly become obsolete, the advanced technology in luxury vehicles sets them ahead of the curve from the get-go. This means you can buy a used luxury car and enjoy the same features that are present in many current model year vehicles.

Between exquisite styling and iconic model lines, luxury vehicles give you more for your money on the used car and SUV market. Finding a great deal on a lightly used luxury vehicle is easy because many of their drivers only keep them a few years before opting for the latest upgrade. It’s unlikely to find a used luxury vehicle that’s been driven into the ground, as their original owners tend to be car-lovers by nature who take pride in the vehicle they drive.

Only the Best Used Luxury Cars and SUVs

At Car Factory Direct, we’re fortunate to get an inside peek at some of the greatest used luxury models ever made. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to test drive a used Hummer H2 4x4 or a Porsche Cayenne Diesel with a few years behind it? These powerful options offer the best of both worlds, a luxurious interior with rugged capability that’s still tough enough to beat out newer models from lesser brands.

Most used luxury vehicles have still “got it” in terms of style and finesse. According to Kelley Blue Book, here’s a quick rundown of the top certified pre-owned luxury automobiles for under $30,000. Taking the number #1 spot is a 2016 Lexus RX 350. Marking the first year of the current generation, this sporty mid-size SUV offers two rows of seating and handy convenience features like Lexus’ new infotainment system and a touch-free liftgate. This reliable SUV is a lucky find at our dealership.

2016 was also a fruitful year for Mercedes-Benz, which released its E-Class as a convertible, sedan, coupe, and station wagon. Drivers also had the chance to customize their 2016 E-Class with one of five different engine options, all with the quality expected from this luxury brand. The number 3 and 4 spots also went to 2016 models, from the Hyundai Genesis 5.0 (with a 5.0-liter engine that produces 420 horsepower) to the Volvo XC60 SUV and XC70 wagon, both with roomy interiors and advanced safety features.

Next on the list is the 2017 Lexus ES, which is available in standard or hybrid form. Kelley Blue Book rates the Audi A4, also the 2017 model, in their number 6 spot. Along with fancy technology, a used Audi A4 offers a smooth ride with solid suspension and your choice of 190 or 252 horsepower engines. Rounding out the top 10 list is the 2016 BMW 5 Series, 2018 Acura RDX, and 2018 Cadillac XT5. It’s hard to believe that such prestigious vehicles can be found for under $30,000, but that’s the magic of the resale market.

If you haven’t considered a used vehicle in the past, a used luxury vehicle can set your mind at ease with the reputation of reliability and longevity that these brands are built upon. Skip overinflated “new” pricing and get more for your money at Car Factory Direct.

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